Letter to My Daughter on her 3rd Birthday

Oh my darling girl – how can you be three already? The last year has held so much -  so much joy, so much change, so much growth. We moved (twice), you rolled in piles of leaves, made me a snowman, gave up your soother to the dot dot fairy, learned the single ladies dance, made new friends, climbed to the top of the climbing frame, mastered your scooter.

I went back to work and then we went to Greece on holiday. We spent a whole week swimming during the day and at the show in the evening. You were very upset that you weren’t allowed on stage with the dancers. Seems you got that gene too.

You are fiercely independent. You want to do everything on your own or to help me with whatever I’m doing – which often ends in disaster, But we’re good at laughing at disaster. In fact you’re great at laughing. You crack me up on a regular basis.

You’ve become inquisitive, not just the “why” stage, but about people and emotions. You’re phrase of the moment is “are you happy?” Which you ask me a lot. Particularly when you’ve been naughty.

We’ve ended up co-sleeping again – out of necessity but I’ll tell you a secret, I love it. There’s something delightful about your long limbs lost in sleep. And every morning I awake to your demands for a ‘cuttle’ (cuddle). There will be a time when you won’t want to be in the same house as me so I absorb these moments in my soul as protection for my heart.

You have a wonderfully bizarre love of Poirot. I’m pretty sure it came via Mr Potato from Peppa Pig but we now have a Friday night routine involving Monsieur Potato the great Belgian detective.

You have an intense love of learning – you know your colours, numbers and letters. You really want to learn to write your letters, you like to ask me how to write my name and when I tell you how to spell ‘mama’ you cock your head to one side and say ‘Emily’?

The other day, after trying repeatedly to put your flip flops on yourself  you manged it and you looked up at me with such intense joy in your face as you said “I can learn Mama, I can learn!”

Oh yes my darling girl you can.  You teach too – every day you teach me the unbound capacity of my love, occasionally the limit of my patience, and always immense gratitude that I am lucky enough to be your mama.

All my love my little girly goo…

Mama xoxo


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2 Comments to “Letter to My Daughter on her 3rd Birthday”

  1. Nadine says:

    Wow 3! You both have been through so much in such a short time, she’s lucky to have you as a mama, a strong mama is so important. I’m glad she had a great birthday.
    Nadine´s last blog post ..Loosing a marathon in just 13 weeks!

  2. This is just lovely. How hilarious that she is a big fan of Poirot! She will have a giggle at that when she is older I’m sure.
    mum of all trades´s last blog post ..Felt Flower Window Box

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